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Personal development in a sunny environment
Activities Yoga, Horse Riding, meditation
Departure time 12:15
Location Aljezur, Portugal
To bring Clothing, shoes, etc.
Optional activities Yoga, Horse Riding, meditation

Food to Root

Food to Root is founded to let you experience the power of healthy plant-based food. I am a vegan and vegetarian chef and my focus is to help you transform to a (partly) plantbased lifestyle. My meals are not only delicious, they are prepared with fresh, locally produced and healthy ingredients. As a sport minded person am I aware of what type of food a body needs to recover and to feel satisfied. The emotional part is as important for me to focus on as the physical part. A lot of my meals based on Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic principles. I strongly believe there is a direct relation how you can influence your state of emotion with food and vice versa

‘ Good food will make you feel better.’

How I grew into becoming a plantbased chef
For many years of my life I struggled finding out what type of diet fit my body. I was strongly drawn to unhealthy, sugary food and ate either too much or too little. My bad food habits resulted in feelings of depression and discomfort about my body. Over the last few years I changed to a (mostly) plant-based diet. The transformation did not happen overnight but evolved step by step. It was life-changing. Not only did I look better, I also started to notice the positive effects on my body and mind. I felt much more energetic, sexier and I became more conscious about the entire food chain.
Food to Root is founded after I graduated at one of the best vegan cooking courses in the Netherlands ‘ VIP Health & Nutrion’ in Haarlem.


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Personal development in a sunny environment

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