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First and foremost because we will spoil you massively with yummy and healthy food! Secondly because we offer unique retreats with in-depth workshops about a particular subject, facilitated by high qualified people. And last but not least: our place is perfect to wind down and relax at our swimming pool! 

Each retreat is different but they have one thing in common: they will all make you feel GOOD! 

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AGP Retreats

What do we offer?

Delicious Food

Food is THE key to feel Good. Our lovely chefs cook mostly plant based, locally sourced and following Ayurvedic and macrobiotic principles.


Optional Surf

As passionate surfers we love to offer you the opportunity to go surfing. Nothing is mandatory but we facilitate everything for you.


We work with highly skilled professionals that offer beautiful, profound and challenging workshops. Grow and challenge yourself!

yoga and movement

The retreats use different types of movement, either through yoga, breathing exercises or meditation.

Good Retreats by AGP

Surf & Spirit | 21-28 October 2023 | 1666 EUR

The Surf & Spirit week offers the perfect mix of spirituality and grounding, of discovery and fun, of going out and going within. As passionate surfers, we love to share the stoke with you. For us, surfing is such a beautiful way to connect. It connect us to the ocean but also to each other, and therefore to ourselves. When we connect to outer nature, we automatically connect to our inner nature. That is why we, Roos, Will & Petra, want to offer the Surf & Spirit Retreat, a retreat where you not only learn to improve your surf skills but also learn to connect deeply to yourself through spirituality and plant-based food.

De humor coach retreat | 15 -21 october 2023 | FULLY BOOKEd

Ben je een (semi-) professionele spreker en je voelt dat er een noodzaak is om humor in je speeches te verwerken, dan is De Humorcoach Retreat echt iets voor jou. Een week in de Portugese Algarve in een villa met andere sprekers en humorcoach en comedian Harry Glotzbach leveren niet alleen heel veel plezier op, maar ook een schat aan kennis en tools. Leer leukere, grappigere en vooral meer interessante keynotes en speeches geven.

Surf & TANTRA | 5-11 November 2023 | 995 EUR

This will be our 3rd edition of the Surf & Tantra retreat, facilitated by Petra and other experienced facilitators. Tantra is a very powerful way to slow down and to heal on many levels. Through tantra exercises we will go deeper on subjects such as intimacy, setting boundaries, life energy and purpose, (limited) beliefs and patterns about sensuality and sexuality and how to connect more to yourself and others. We will work mostly through the body, because we believe there is so much wisdom stored in your body, which comes to surface when you slow down, do breath work, meditate, dance or use cacao. This week is very suitable for people who are new to the surf and tantra.

Good Retreats at AGP by other retreat hosts

Surf Therapy Travel | Sept 30 - Oct 7 2023

Surf Therapy Travel (est. 2019) was founded by Sabine Wensink, a Dutch therapist from Studio Beloved. For over 20 years her passion for surfing, professional development and personal growth have been close to her heart. So she gathered a small team of mental health and sports professionals who are also passionate about surfing and ocean therapy. Together they share the ‘stoke’ on surfing and healing methods such as bodywork, breath work, EFT and sharings in this unique combination. Their week long retreat supports you in getting your body and mind in shape. Besides exercising and healthy food, it offers an opportunity for you to reflect and process feelings, to connect with the broad spectrum of human emotions of pain, fear, anger, sadness, resentment and joy whilst having a great time in the ocean and under the sun! It's also a great opportunity for self-care and some time out of your usual life to marinade in connection with others and relaxing coastal rhythms.

Ripple Surf Therapy | 11-18 November 2023

Deze unieke retreat combineert evidence-based psychologische technieken met speelse elementen zoals surfen, yoga en mindfulness. Ripple Surf Therapy is opgericht door Djai Baat. Djai werkt als psycholoog en is in het bezit van mastersdiploma's in klinische psychologie en klinische neuropsychologie. Als oprichter van Ripple Surf Therapy, combineert hij zijn professionele vaardigheden met zijn passie voor het surfen en een gezonde levensstijl. Ben je op zoek naar support om je leven op de rit te krijgen en tegelijkertijd je geest tot rust te laten komen? Check out de website van Ripple Surf Therapie!


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