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Over the years we have gained lots of knowledge on how to host beautiful, transformational retreats. We enjoy an adventurous lifestyle in which a true connection with nature and the people around us are key. Based on our experience and our love for hospitality we feel we can give you an unforgettable week. It’s our passion to bring people together, either through music, sharing food, some waves, a good chat or simply by creating memories. We strongly believe in powerful elements such as yoga, surf, hiking, breathwork and healthy food and connect those elements with different subjects such as surf therapy, tantra or even comedy. If you like our adventurous lifestyle, you will definitely love our retreats! 


Our retreats are unique with in-depth workshops about a particular subject, facilitated by highly qualified people. And last but not least: our place is perfect to wind down and relax at our swimming pool! 

Each retreat is different but they have one thing in common: they will make you feel good and you will learn a lot about yourself through new experiences and like-minded people. 

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AGP Retreats

What do we offer?

Retreat overview

Natuur, yoga en verbinding| vrouwen 50+ | 13 -18 May 2024

Babes with Balls is opgericht door Laura. Zij organiseert mooi en laagdrempelige yoga retreats voor vrouwen waar plezier beleven, verbinden met jezelf & met elkaar centraal staan. Deze mooie week is gericht om volledig tot rust te komen, elke dag worden er mooie yoga, klankschaal sessies of ademsessies gegeven, ga je samen hiken, de prachtige Costa Vicentina verkennen en eventueel voor wie wil, samen leren surfen! Een week waarin je helemaal ontzorgt wordt met heerlijk en gezond eten en tijd hebt om te genieten van een hangmat met een boek aan ons heerlijke zwembad.

Ripple Surf Therapy | 25 May - 1 June 2024

Deze unieke jaarlijks terugkerende retreat combineert evidence-based psychologische technieken met speelse elementen zoals surfen, yoga en mindfulness. Ripple Surf Therapy is opgericht door Djai Baat. Djai werkt als psycholoog (klinische psychologie en klinische neuropsychologie). Als oprichter van Ripple Surf Therapy, combineert hij zijn professionele vaardigheden met zijn passie voor het surfen en een gezonde levensstijl. Ben je op zoek naar support om je leven op de rit te krijgen en tegelijkertijd jezelf tot rust te laten komen? Check out de website van Ripple Surf Therapy!

Food to Root NL | 8-15 June | Vanaf 1050 EUR

Ontdek de geheimen van de plantaardige keuken onder leiding van Petra, oprichter van Food to Root en een ware tovenares in de keuken. Deze week wordt een smaakvolle ontdekkingsreis waar je de ware kneepjes van het vak leert, van volwaardige plantaardige gerechten, fermenteren tot het bakken van glutenvrij brood of cake. Daarnaast voegt Petra een dosis Ayurvedische wijsheid toe aan het menu en en onthult haar geheimen voor een gezond en gebalanceerd dieet. Maar wat deze week echt speciaal maakt, is dat het niet alleen om het eten draait. Als ademcoach duikt Petra dieper in de relatie tussen ademhaling, voeding en je algehele welzijn, en helpt ze je om meer verbonden te raken met je lichaam. Voeg daarbij ochtenden vol yoga en meditatie, idyllische wandelingen langs de Costa Vicentina en zelfs een surfles voor wie wil, en je hebt de perfecte mix om tot rust te komen en je gezondheid een boost te geven.

Longboard retreat | 1-8 June 2024

As long boarders ourselves we love this super cool longboard retreat, organized by The Surf Tribe in cooperation with Toxic Magic Board shapers! It's the perfect week for open minded surfers that want to develop and improve their skills, style and knowledge on a variety of surf crafts and conditions. You can try out all their longboards and learn which one fits best the conditions. Enjoy video analysis and learn from the best. Maximum of 6 participants for optimal coaching!

Coherence Retreats | 16 - 21 June 2024

Coherence Retreats is founded by Kim. Her mission is to inspire and guide women on a transformative journey of spiritual evolution, allowing them to unearth their soul's true purpose. She is committed to empowering women from all walks of life, helping them harness their innate strengths and passions, and assisting them in manifesting their dream reality.

Le Mouv | 22 - 29 June 2024 | Fully booked

As an absolute athlete lover, Leni founded her own succesful Yoga studio Le Mouv Studio. She loves to take people in her journey and discovery to freedom and joy through physical activities, walks in nature and good food. Her vibrant and positive energy fits A Good Place and we understand this retreat was fully booked within a few weeks!

Summer Surf Retreats | July 2024 | Every week of July

This is the perfect summer holiday for first time, beginner and advanced beginner surfers. You'll be surfing in one of the best beginner breaks in Portugal, followed by a local coaching team. Stand up for the first time or get better at riding green waves. In the Atlantic Ocean the waves never stop, and Summer in the west coast of Portugal is the perfect season to learn surfing in gentle conditions! Enjoy a holiday where everything is organized for you. Food to Root will be making delicious breakfasts every morning 🙂

De humor coach retreat | 29 sept - 5 out

Ben je een (semi-) professionele spreker, dagvoorzitter of een professional die vaak speeches geeft en je voelt dat er een noodzaak is om humor in je speeches of keynotes te verwerken, dan is De Speakersclub Humorcoach Retreat echt iets voor jou. Een week in de Portugese Algarve in een villa met andere sprekers en humorcoach en comedian Harry Glotzbach leveren niet alleen heel veel plezier op, maar ook een schat aan kennis en tools. Zo kun je leukere, grappigere en vooral meer interessante keynotes en speeches gaan geven. We staan voor een holistische aanpak waarin ‘personal health’ op een hoog plan staat, dus ook gezonde voeding, ademwerk, yoga, surfen en mooie hikes staan er op het programma. Harry Glotzbach is een professioneel comedian en spreker die al 24 jaar op alle podia van Nederland staat en een schat aan ervaring heeft op het gebied van humor schrijven, performen en coaching.

Surf & TANtra |6- 12 OCT| 1250 EUR

This will be our 4rd edition of the Surf & Tantra retreat, facilitated by Petra and other experienced facilitators. Tantra is a very powerful way to slow down and to heal on many levels. Through tantra exercises we will go deeper on subjects such as intimacy, setting boundaries, life energy and purpose, (limited) beliefs and patterns about sensuality and sexuality and how to connect more to yourself and others. We will work mostly through the body, because we believe there is so much wisdom stored in your body, which comes to surface when you slow down, do breath work, meditate, dance or use cacao. This week is very suitable for people who are new to the surf and tantra.

Rewilding Surf Retreats | 13 - 19 October 2024

Rewilding Surf Retreats is founded by Ali, a passionate surfer with an extensive background in hosting retreats. He combines Surfing, Breathwork, Yoga and other group work, to support one another to feel like they can be that unfiltered, messy version of themselves - in a deeply supportive & fun way. The 'Rewilding' aspect, is all about reconnecting with our playful side - our instincts, intuition, nature & each other. We awaken and nurture those parts of us that are so often suppressed & forgotten about, and yet two things that often bring us the most joy and connection. We love this retreat!

Surf & Spirit| 27 Oct - 3 Nov 2024

Welcome to Surf & Spirit Retreat, where we blend the adventure of surfing with personal coaching. Surfing isn't just about catching waves; it's about connecting – to the ocean, to each other, and to ourselves. Our retreat dives deep into this connection, offering not just surf lessons, but a journey of self-discovery through spirituality and personal development, complemented by delicious, healthy plant-based cuisine. Spirituality isn't just an add-on; it's woven into every aspect of our retreat. Through daily themes centered around the five elements – Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Ether – we guide you in aligning with your purpose and finding happiness in each moment. Utilizing meditation, practical exercises, writing, and shamanic rituals, we help you connect deeply to these elements both on and off the surfboard, fostering transformation and inner growth. Get ready to ride the waves of self-discovery with us!

Food to Root | 3- 10 november| From 1050 EUR

Led by Petra, founder and plant-based chef at Food to Root, this week-long retreat is a celebration of healthy plant-based cooking. Petra's soulful presence makes you enjoy every moment and she loves to guide you with with wisdom and warmth, drawing upon years of experience in hosting transformative retreats. Beyond culinary knowledge about plant based food, she shares invaluable insights on crafting a happy, fulfilling lifestyle rooted in joy. She integrates her knowledge as a breathwork coach and helps you to connect to yourself through nature, breathwork and food. As a local she will guide you on the most stunning hikes through the Costa Vicentina or helps you to find the best surf at the most beautiful beaches. Join this week if you want to increase your knowledge and cooking skills, either for personal use or as a retreat chef, and combine it with adventures in nature.


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