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Good Retreats

We offer retreats that stimulate personal growth in a sunny environment. They are called Good Retreats, because our aim is to inspire you to enjoy a more happy and healthy lifestyle on a mental, spiritual and physical level.




Healthy plant based food, good people, great activities like surfing and yoga amongst others form the basis of all our retreats. Those elements are always in place. But each retreat has its own main topic carried out by professionals in their field. We have Tantra, Food, Surf Therapy and Mindfulnes retreats that will ensure great personal growth. But whatever the topic, your creativity is always challenged and having fun always comes first.  


We work with professionals that are very skilled and well known in a certain field which we feel inspired by. Every retreat will give you tools to develop personal skills, in a creative and mindfull way.


Have a look at the Good Retreats we offer. We are sure you will be inspired and challenged by them. 



Personal development in a sunny place
Surf & Plant Cooking | €975 | 24-30 Oct

A plant based diet is a powerful way to influence your health and in the meantime contribute to a sustainable world. Plantbased chef Petra will provide food workshops teaching you the basics of plant-based recipes. She will share her expertise and explain what your body needs. You will get familiar with plant based cooking and ingredients you might not have used before.

SURF & TANTRA | € 1150 | 2022

Tantra is an ancient life philosophy, re-gaining populairty in the modern world for it’s subtle yet powerful way to connect with life. Sjoerd is a surfer and an experienced tantra teacher. He coaches men and women in sexuality and intimacy in a safe and professional manner. You will learn how to re-connect with your lifeforce and fully come to understand the real power of love.

Surf & Hormones | €1195 | DATE TBD

Hormones have profound effects on your mental, physical and emotional health. Learn natural ways to balance your hormones together with Ir. Ralph Moorman. He is the author of the best seller ‘Hormones in Balance’. He teaches both men and women how hormones affect your wellbeing and how to influence them. The retreat includes a personal consult with Ralph.

Surf & Therapy Travel |DATE TBD

This week is organized by Surf Therapy Travel ( An organization that focusess on therapeutic treatments through surf. Sabine, Philippe & Rob are your coaches and use surfing, bodywork and psychotherapy practices to invite you to dive deep into the ocean of your soul. On your surfboard and throughout other activities.


Plantbased – local – seasonal
foodtoroot g-w-01
The Power of Plant-based Food

Good food is our key for a happy and healthy life. During the retreats we prepare food which is is delicious and prepared with fresh, locally produced and healthy, mostly plant based ingredients. As sport minded persons we are aware what type of food a body needs to recover and to feel satisfied.

GOOD food gives good energy

We strongly believe there is a direct relation between food and your emotional wellbeing. Treat your body kind and it will return the pleasure! 


Food to Root is Petra’s flagship under which she carries out her passion for plantbased food. She is driven to let you experience the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, both for yourself and the planet. 

Experience another way of approaching food during our retreats! 


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Personal development in a sunny environment