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Personal growth & lifestyle improvement

Good Retreats

Experience how to embrace a happy and healthy lifestyle on a mental, spiritual and physical level.

Each retreat we offer has it’s own main topic carried out by professionals in their field. We have Tantra, Voice Coaching, Plant based Food Cooking, Surf Therapy and Mindfulness retreats that will ensure great personal growth. But whatever the topic, your creativity is always challenged and having fun always comes first.  



Yoga & Meditation

Yoga lessons are included. Wake up slowly  during our retreats and enjoy our morning yoga en meditation sessions. 


Enjoy the Power of delicious Plant-based Food.  During all our retreats we cook Whole-food, Local, mostly according to Ayurvedic traditions and Gluten-free if desired. 


Optional SURF

During our retreats there is always time to go for a surf. Play, get fit, take lessons or surf along with us


Have a look at the Good Retreats we offer. We are sure you will be inspired and challenged by them. 

Secure your spot

To reserve a spot you can email us. In order for our retreats to take place we require a minimum of 5 participants. However, we always assure our accommodation to stay and in case of cancelation of the retreat you can still enjoy a wonderful stay at AGP and explore the beautiful Algarve! 


Personal development in a sunny place
Good Retreat SINGING | €975 | 30 Oct - 5 Nov - WOMAN ONLY

Singing makes you happy! A special week for those who would like to improve their voice, sing mantras with other women and dive into the power of the feminine soul. No matter your level of singing, it's a week for every single woman! Identify expressive or emotional blockages and overcome them while using your voice. A week with healthy food, yoga, meditation, women circles and singing.

GOOD RETREAT TANTRA | € 975 | 1-8 oCT 2022

Tantra is an ancient life philosophy, re-gaining populairty in the modern world for it’s subtle yet powerful way to connect with life. Sjoerd is a surfer and an experienced tantra teacher. He coaches men and women in sexuality and intimacy in a safe and professional manner. You will learn how to re-connect with your lifeforce and fully come to understand the real power of love.

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External retreats

External Retreat |Surf Therapy | 14-21 May

This week is organized by Surf Therapy Travel ( An organization that focusess on therapeutic treatments through surf. Sabine, Philippe & Rob are your coaches and use surfing, bodywork and psychotherapy practices to invite you to dive deep into the ocean of your soul. On your surfboard and through coaching.

Woman empowerment | SEPT

Met ruim 10 jaar ervaring als yoga docente en het organiseren van retreats neemt Lia je mee in deze weken speciaal gericht op het in de kracht zetten van vrouwen. Met een interessante achtergrond als militair combineert zij verschillende facetten zoals doorzetten, een dosis humor en de zachtheid van yoga.


Plantbased – local – seasonal

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Personal development in a sunny environment