Good People

We are Harry and Petra, a Dutch couple from Amsterdam that moved to Portugal to live close to the ocean. We advocate a healthy and joyful life and this is why we founded A Good Place.

Explore life to the fullest

Harry & Petra

About Harry

Harry is the allround entrepreneur. His biggest passions are surf, music & comedy. He loves to sing a note. Or two. When he is not shining on stage or in the water you can find him in the workshed doing some woodwork…

About Petra

Petra loves to spend time on the water or in the kitchen. 

She swapped her business career and became a vegan chef. Hospitality is her second nature. She loves the adventures that come with an unconventional life. ‘ Life gets rich when you learn news skills and put yourself in uncomfortable situations’. 

Our favorite day

…is a day where we wake up slowly, give each other lots of cuddles, have a healthy breakfast, read some, end up talking way too long about everything from the literal to the philosophical and then suddenly realize that we want to go for a surf too. We drive to one of the countless stunning beaches in our favorite car ‘Landy’, our Defender. After a great surf session ( preferably a sunset session) we prepare dinner and invite friends, laugh, light the fire-place and play music. When our friends leave we hold each other tight and feel blessed with the life we live…

We are passionate about

Surf, nature, vegan, vegetarian and local food, music, reading, mountain biking, family and friends.

Why we like each other

We dare to let the other person live in full independency. We truly connect, we share similar but also different passions. We both love to put effort in establishing an unconventional lifestyle. 

Why we love to invite people

There is so much joy and things we learned along the way which we feel like sharing with you!  It also goes the other way around: Our life deepens through all the beautiful people we meet.

‘Talking to a stranger is inviting someone to challenge our belief systems.’

What we have in common

A lot! But mostly our desire to enjoy our life. We enjoy the simple things in life such as chocolate with a cappuccino but as important is the need for both of us to keep our freedom and space to develop ourselves and the other.

Retreat hosting

A Good Place Portugal is a beautiful 5 bedroom villa with a pool and spacious yoga space in the South West Algarve, situated in Vale da Telha. It can be rented from June - October for families or retreats.

Good Co-working

From the 1st of december until April AGP is available for co-workers. A good and sunny place to work, surf and socialize with like minded people! We provide access to fast WiFi.

Good retreats

At A Good Place we offer various retreats that stimulate personal growth, a healthy lifestyle and creativity in a holiday environment. It's all about good food, good people and good experiences.