Transformational coaching retreat

Learn TO LIVE IN Joy and abundance

About this retreat  

This week is focussed on training and coaching you in the elements of living lightly and manifesting the life of your dreams. Many of life choices that we, Harry and Petra made, are based on these principles. They are reflected in the way we live: close to nature, in Portugal, a healthy and joyful relationship with lots of freedom and a life in abundance, generated through work we love to do.

Remco is a good friend and extremely powerful in the work he does as a transformational coach. With his background as an entrepreneur, in banking and in real estate, he knows all the struggles and feelings of emptiness that can come with a wealthy, fast-paced way of living. He chose to move away from this lifestyle and through his search for a more fulfilling and happy lifestyle he discovered the elements of living lightly. 

He has completed several Non-Violent Communication courses, a year-program in transformational coaching at Bridgeman Academy, multi-day silent meditation retreats, and many workshops regarding recognizing unconscious and unhelpful behaviorial patterns. He loves to share his path with you.

More information about Remco, his coaching and his journey can be found on

Remco’s expert guidance will help you clear the obstacles that sit between you and living a fulfilling, peaceful and joyous life. 

We are very excited to organize this retreat together where you will will be coached on:

  • Inner child work: our behaviors as an adult stem from our childhood experiences. Diving into your childhood will help to identify limited beliefs, clear obstacles and discover your creativity.
  • Non-violent communication: expressing ourselves with clarity, compassion, self-responsibility, empathy, and the common good in mind. It’s such a powerful skill to adopt!
  • Movements such as dance, yoga & stretching. 
  • Journalling: taking the time to write, contemplate and manifest. Journalling helps to access the sub- consciousness and gain inspiration from there. 
  • Shamanic healing: our deepest wounds are our greatest power and challenge. We provide a safe space for all emotions that may arise.
  • Silence & Nature: We are surrounded by the most stunning nature. Nature teaches us many lessons. 
  • Meditation 
Plant-Based Food

As with all our retreats, we take pride in our healthy and delicious food! We will spoil you massively. Our professional chefs cook delicious, healthy, whole-food meals, influenced by the Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic philosophies, locally produced and mostly organic. Gluten free is possible, if preferred. 

  • 6 nights (shared room with one other participant)
  • Healthy and powerful meals
  • Daily group coaching
  • Sharing circles
  • Daily meditation and yoga 
  • Breathwork
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Cacao ceremony

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Week itinerary

An overview of what to expect
Activities Transformational Coaching, Inner child work, Non-violent communication, Ecstatic dance, mini-quest, yoga and meditation
Arrival Day 6 November 2022, 16:00
Departure Day 12 November 2022, 11:00
Location Aljezur, Portugal
To bring Clothing (for cold weather too), beach towel, warm socks, wetsuit, surfboard (optional)
Optional activities Surf lessons, holistic energetic massage, horse back riding


THe minds behind this retreat
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Remco Lambers

Transformational coach

Goddess Petra


Vegan Chef, Founder AGP

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