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An intimate experience

About this retreat

This retreat is a playful yet healing week to explore intimacy through tantra exercises, breath work, surf, yoga & meditation, sharing circles and a cacao ceremony. It is for people new into tantra. We believe there is so much wisdom stored in our body, however, often we are too busy listening to it. This week we will use several methods, derived from tantra that help you to feel what’s life inside, to reconnect and to heal.

Petra works as a body-oriented coach, and is gifted with a talent to let you truly connect with your body and to help you feel if there is anything that needs to be healed. She does this through her empowering and healthy plant-based food, transformational breath work ceremonies, touch and tantra exercises. During the week she will carefully guide you in a playful way, and to learn how to tap into the wisdom of your body. She loves to dive into subjects of freedom in intimacy, relationships, boundaries and desires and to challenge you to create your own truth. Her way of working is very grounded, and with her warmth she will make you feel home in the world of tantra right away. 

No matter if you have no experience at all in tantra, everyone is welcome, as long as you are coming with an open curious heart. As surf lovers we can’t miss out on a few surf sessions too and they blend in perfectly in our program but are voluntary!



Tantra is a very powerful way to slow down. Through slowing down we will discover many new insights about ourselves. About the other. About our desires. Our beliefs. Are they ours? Or are they based on what society taught us? Can we let go old patterns?

In this week we will enjoy the power of tantra. We do this through guided meditations, exercises, ceremonies & rituals and breath work. After this week you will feel more connected to freedom and playfulness, your boundaries and your sexuality. You learn to feel and communicate your desires, your bounderies and your needs. We start to feel and connect from the heart.  The week is about your sexuality, your man-being or woman-being and we work with sexual energy. We do this in a safe space where we guard boundaries and guide you in a gentle way, adapting to the needs of the individual and the group . From the Tantric vision, sexual energy is your life energy. Connecting with your life energy and letting it flow again, immediately feeds your creativity, joy of life and vitality.

Plant Based Food

Petra is professional plant-based chef and cooks delicious, whole food meals, locally produced and mostly organic. Gluten free if preferred. 


The surf is optional and can be booked in advance. We work with local surf schools and arrange everything for you. In between the workshops, we offer enough time to go for a surf. If you are a beginner you can take surf lessons. Are you more experienced then you can either go yourself or join us. 

  • 6 nights (shared room with one other participant)
  • Healthy empowering meals ( all breakfasts, lunch, 5 x dinner)
  • Daily  tantra workshops 
  • Sharing circles
  • Daily meditation  
  • Breathwork
  • Tantra exercises
  • Dancing 
  • Emotional release

Week itinerary

An overview of what to expect
Activities Surf, tantra exersizes, circles, vegan food, yoga, meditation
Arrival Day 5 Nov 2023, 16:00
Departure Day 11 Nov 2023, 11:00
Location Aljezur, Portugal
Optional activities Surf lessons, holistic energetic massage, horse back riding
To bring Clothing ( for cold weather too), beach towel, warm socks, wetsuit, surfboard(optinal)


THe minds behind this retreat


Surfer & Tantra

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