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About this retreat  

The Surf & Spirit week offers the perfect mix of spirituality and grounding, of discovery and fun, of going out and going within.

As passionate surfers, we love to share the stoke with you. For us, surfing is such a beautiful way to connect. It connect us to the ocean but also to each other, and therefore to ourselves. When we connect to outer nature, we automatically connect to our inner nature. 

That is why we, Roos, Will & Petra, want to offer the Surf & Spirit Retreat, a retreat where you not only learn to improve your surf skills but also learn to connect deeply to yourself through spirituality and plant-based food.

How is spirituality integrated in this retreat?

We see spirituality as being connected. Being connected to ourselves and to each other. When we are connected, we live in alignment to our purpose in life and can find happiness and well-being in every single moment. The ocean is our greatest mirror when it comes to being connected to ourselves. When we are connected, we surf well and enjoy ourselves. But when we are not connected, the surf can be challenging and we can be confronted with ourselves.

The journey will go deep and be transformational. Because we truly want you to connect deeply to yourself. It will be a journey through the five elements that we can find in nature and in ourselves: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Ether. Every day we will focus on another element, in the surf, the coaching and in the food. During the coaching sessions we will see how that element represents in your daily life. We use a combination of different coaching tools such as meditation, practical exercises and writing exercises, and shamanic rituals in order to help you to connect more deeply to that element in your daily life.


Let’s take a look into the element fire. Fire is about passion, radiance, but also about transformation and release. In the surf we will coach and support you facing  your fears and use the element fire to transform your fears into power. Which fears do you run into when you are in the ocean and how do you deal with them? Throughout the coaching we dive into these fears and see where they are physically located inside your body. We are using a powerful fear-burning ritual to give away our fears to the fire. That day we will enjoy a nice fiery and spicy meal to allow further integration of the element of fire in your life. In this way we will go through all five elements, with a rest day in between to recharge and integrate everything!

What will you learn?
  • How to learn surfing or improve your surfing
  • How to deeply connect to yourself and your body
  • How to eat healthy 
  • How to work with the elements in your daily life and which kind of rituals you can do to connect more to the elements
  • How to find more joy and balance in your lif
Plant-Based Food

As with all our retreats, we take pride in our healthy and delicious food! We will spoil you massively. Our professional chef Petra cooks delicious, healthy, whole-food meals, influenced by the Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic philosophies, locally produced and mostly organic. Gluten free is possible, if preferred. 

  • 7 nights (shared room)
  • All breakfasts, 5 x lunch and 6 dinners
  • Shamanic rituals & ceremonies
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement
  • Breathwork
  • Cacao ceremony
  • 5 coaching sessions
  • 5 surf lessons and all gear (wetsuit/ board)

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The spirits behind

The organizers of the retreat

I grew up in Holland living a fairly normal life. I was already pretty sensitive and felt a lot of emotions from other people but sports provided me with the perfect outlet to just be. That is why I decided to study sports psychology and work as a personal trainer and sports psychologist for many years. From the age of 22 my spiritual journey began and life took some more unexpected turns. I started remembering past lives, got visions of the future and was receiving different spiritual healing gifts such as mediumship and light language. During this time it was quite challenging to be a human being but surfing allowed me to ground everything that was happening. The ocean became my happy place and I started moving to Portugal and Costa Rica to be closer to the ocean. Every time I go to her I learn something else about myself. The ocean is a mirror to me showing me exactly what I need to know at that moment. That is why I started and share my knowledge with other people.


Growing up in Cornwall, South West England I'm lucky enough to have always been close to the Ocean, which has always been a main feature of my life. I love the peace being in the sea brings to me, and am always drawn to it wherever I am in the world. I've been playing in waves since I was able to walk, or maybe before...and surfing for 15 years. Having a background in teaching tennis for the past 10 years, combined with achieving my ISA surf coach qualification in 2022 has been the perfect transition to allow me to share my experience both in the ocean and teaching. I have always been someone who is very "fun-orientated" and believe that incorporating fun into your life as much as possible is always a good idea! This leads me to follow my passions, one of which is teaching. I find that having this "fun compass" in my life, where I try to both live joy and bring joy to others a very fulfilling way to live. It has also helped me through tough times, as the people I've attracted into my life over the years are really there for me. Combining all this with a strong sense of nature and willingness to grow, I feel is the core of who we are as humans.


I grew up in the Netherlands, in a very religious family. Ever since I was a child I felt connected to a higher dimension. But my upraising directed me to adopt my parents religion, as an established spiritual framework with a well defined set of rules and boundaries. At the age of 18, I got friends outside my Christian community, and it opened doors to absorb a wider perspective on spirituality. It took me yrs to find my own path in life and embrace spirituality in a way that I could feel free and happy. For me, spirituality is something very grounding, and embedded in the way I live my life “in the now”, in Portugal. My work and way of living are all designed in a way that serves my purpose in life; bringing over my passion to live a healthy, joyful life in harmony with nature and the people around me. For me, food is one of the most important sources to get grounded, centered and happy. Therefore I work as a plant-based chef (and give healing massages), because I believe that we only get in touch with our spiritual part, when we are truly connected to our physical body. Working on a physical level is something I am so passionate about. Throughout the week I will inspire and feed you with healthy, carefully prepared and delicious plant-based food. You will feel spoiled and feel connected to yourself through food, in the purest form that Mother Earth provides us with.

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Week itinerary

An overview of what to expect
Activities Surf coaching, Transformational and Shamanic coaching
Arrival Day 22 October 2022, 16:00
Departure Day 28 October 2023, 11:00
Location Aljezur, Portugal
To bring Clothing (for cold weather too), beach towel, warm socks, wetsuit, surfboard (optional)
Optional activities holistic energetic massage, horse back riding, Akashic record session, individual spiritual coaching, tennis lessons