A Good Place

Everyone deserves to be in A Good Place!


The good news is: we created such a place.

A cozy retreat lodge nestled right in the heart of the lush Algarve hills.

Welcome to A Good Place, where you find relaxation, growth, and connection.


We’ve been dubbed the House of Transformation, but what exactly needs transforming?

Well, that’s for you to uncover! Meet up with us, soak up the vibes, and let’s see where the journey takes you at A Good Place.

AGP is situated in Vale da Telha Aljezur on the Atlantic coast of the South West Algarve.


Come and celebrate life with us!

What is A Good Place all about? 

Relaxation and Personal development in a sunny place
Good retreats

Good food, good people and good experiences. That's what we love to share with you! Our retreats are playful, rejuvenating and profound with enough leasure time too. Our venue is also available for other retreat organizers.

Good Co-working

From December until April AGP is available for co-workers. A good and sunny place to work, surf and socialize with like minded people! We provide access to fast WiFi and an inspirational place to stay with like-minded people.

Good Events

At A Good Place, we believe in the powerful synergy of good nutrition and breath. That's why we fuse the art of food with the transformative practice of connected breathwork, hosting bi-weekly ceremonies that integrate the two seamlessly.

What others say

The Vibe

This can be your place for a while