Good Tantra & Surf 

20-26 November

A Magical combination

One week retreat: 4 days tantra & 2 days surf

We offer an unusual and unique retreat where we combine two favorite magical elements: Surf & Tantra!

We kick off the week with various heart-opening tantric workshops where we explore our inner-self, lifeforce energy and talk about sexuality. This is all supported with other empowering elements such as yoga & meditation, sharing circles and a cacao ceremony. Later in the week we spend our days surfing, enjoying the stunning beach of the Algarve with the beautiful group we have become. 

No previous experience with either tantra or surf is required. Everyone is welcome, as long as you are coming with an open curious heart.


4 days TANTRA

In the first days of the week we will enjoy the magic of tantra. We do this through guided meditations, exercises, ceremonies & rituals. After the workshops you will feel more connected to freedom and playfulness, your boundaries and your sexuality. You learn to feel and communicate your desires, understand your bounderies and your needs. We start to feel and connect from the heart.  The week is about your sexuality, your man-being or woman-being and we work with sexual energy. We do this in a safe space where we guard boundaries and guide you in a gentle way, adapting to the needs of the individual and the group. You can always do as you please according to your boundaries. From the Tantric vision, sexual energy is your life energy. Connecting with your life energy and letting it flow again, immediately feeds your creativity, joy of life and vitality.

2 days Surf

As we love surf as much as tantra, we want to bring the two together and nothing seems cooler to us than to surf with a group of fresh made friends. After sharing our hearts, we’d love to share waves! What do you encounter during the surf, where do you get challenged and what aspects of yourself are reflected in your learning process? 

If you are a beginner you can take surf lessons. Are you more experienced then you can either go yourself or join us. Feel free to explore yourself! 

Plant Based Food

Our professional chefs cook delicious, whole food meals, locally produced and mostly organic. Gluten free if preferred. 

  • 6 nights (shared room with one other participant)
  • 6 breakfast, 5 dinners & 4 lunch 
  • 4 days tantra workshops 
  • 4 days meditation and yoga 
  • 2 lessons of 1.5hr incl material
  • Breath-work
  • Dancing 
  • Emotional release
  • Cacao-ceremony

Week itinerary

An overview of what to expect
Activities Surf, tantra exersizes, circles, vegan food, yoga, meditation
Arrival Day 20 Nov 2022, 16:00
Departure Day 26 november 2022, 11:00
Location Aljezur, Portugal
Optional activities Surf lessons, holistic energetic massage, horse back riding
To bring Clothing ( for cold weather too), beach towel, warm socks, wetsuit, surfboard(optinal)


THe minds behind this retreat


Surfer & Tantra

Goddess Petra



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